In Memoriam : Harriet Ryley

Harriet was active with LURG in 1980-81, appearing in Dark Side of The Lune. She also made a number of appearances with the Kick The Squirrel Roadshow. She returned to appear in the 10th anniversary show Ten, in 1986. She is particularly remembered for her "Mother" in the oft-performed Puritan Mealtime sketch.

(left) Puritan Mealtime and Cossacks (Ten, 1986)
(right) 40th anniversary reunion (2016)

Tributes and Recollections

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2 tributes
Tim Stevens

There are a small number of Revue Group members whom I wish had been my contemporaries, instead of landing at Lancaster after my time was up. One such was Harriet. I was always struck by her charisma, talent and charm, albeit slightly from afar, as I initially only brushed shoulders with her during some early "Squirrel" tours. I later had the chance to meet her at "Ten" (although she still didn't really know who I was!) and, most recently, at the 2016 Reunion. Though few words between us passed, I was so pleased to get the chance to talk to her, and my abiding memory will be of a wonderful act of kindness she afforded me towards the end of the evening. So even though I never really knew this lovely lady, I am saddened she is no longer with us.

Keith Macdougall

I never knew Harriet very well, chiefly because I'd left Lancaster before she started. But I did have the chance to meet her at both the 'Ten' show in 1986 and at the 2016 reunion. Harriet seemed a really kind, caring and modest person as well as a talented comic performer. At those two occasions we chatted about the world of broadcasting and journalism - both its current state and the prospects for the future. She had lots of interesting ideas and thoughts. It's truly awful that her life has been brought to such an early end.

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