Posting Guidelines

The LURG web site's comment and tribute options are intended to allow ex-members to express opinions in a friendly environment. Members are asked to observe the following guidlines when posting on this site:

  1. Please try to keep postings relevant to Lancaster University Revue Group and its ex-members.
  2. Try to be polite and treat other users with respect, particularly on the In Memoriam pages. If you really can't be polite, at least be funny. (Basically, play nicely kiddies! ... Or should that be oldies?)
  3. Libellous or otherwise illegal posts will be removed, as will blatantly offensive posts. The site administrator's decision in such matters will be final and quite probably arbitrary, depending on how bad a day he's had.
  4. No selling of livestock (or anything else ...).
  5. Spam is totally unwelcome. It also tastes horrible. Offending posts and accounts will be deleted.
  6. Please refrain from requesting or posting personal data such as email addresses, phone numbers, inside leg measurements, etc.