While this site already hosts lots of historical content, there are still many gaps to fill. Can you help by providing any of the following? (See also Unanswered Questions.)

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Show Year Title Venue Date Price Prog. Review Credits Order Photos Audio Pub.

Category notes:

Contributions which fill the gaps marked x would be particularly welcome. In case any of the above isn't obvious, the categories are:
  • Title : While the titles of most LURG shows are known, a few are not, particularly the later Edinburgh revues.
  • Venue : Where were the late 1980s Edinburgh revues performed?
  • Date : The date(s) when performance(s) took place.
  • Price : What were the ticket prices?
  • Prog. : Was a programme was produced? If so, can you provide scans?
  • Review : Do you have any published reviews from magazines or newspapers? It doesn't matter if they are good or bad! Also, any published contemporary comments would also be welcome, as would audio reviews (e.g. from URB).
  • Credits : Do you know the names of the performers, producers and backstage staff ? Also, can you identify script writers who contributed material to these shows ? In some cases, the participants in certain shows are known, but not the writers.
  • Order : Running orders would be great, particularly scans of originals. However, any details of the sketches performed would be useful.
  • Photos : Photographs from rehearsals and actual performances would be especially welcome. Also, photos from LURG social events or reunions will be gratefully received.
  • Audios : Do you have performance or rehearsal tapes? If so, please contact .
  • Pub. : Which pub did you go to after the show? ... Actually, no, no no! ... Do you have any publicity material you can share, particularly posters, flyers and Nuffield term programmes?

Scans and Photos

Please scan documents such as programmes or running orders, at a minimum of 300 dot per inch, if possible. Send scans as JPEG, PDF or Word files.

Photos should be as high a resolution as possible. If scanning from printed photos, again, please scan at a minimum of 300 dpi, if at all possible. Send all photos as JPEGs.