Audio : Miscellaneous

This page collects a handful of LURG-related audio fragments, mostly from URB (University Radio Bailrigg) and STS (Lancaster's Student Television Service). These have been digitised from analogue tape recordings. Some of the audio quality is therefore limited, particularly the off-air URB recordings.

Please note, this page relies on an audio playback feature which requires a modern ("HTML5 compliant") web browser. Older web browsers won't be able to play these sound clips.


The historic first meeting, held in a Student's Union office. Voices include those of Keith Macdougall, Colin Webb, Gill Stellman, George Green, Richard Russell, Tim Stevens and others. (28/Jan/1976)


Colin Webb and Keith Macdougall preview LURG's first performances, on Spectrum (March 1976)
James Pringle reviews Can We Have Our Money Back (March 1976)
Tim Stevens and Paul O'Garr preview The Left Handed Screwdriver Show (15/May/1976)
James Pringle reviews The Left Handed Screwdriver Show (May 1976)
Graham Spry reviews When The Boot Goes In (Feb 1977)
Chris Mapp and Richard Russell preview Golden Mouldies, interviewed by Graham Spry on Spectrum (May 1977)
Alison Coles reviews Golden Mouldies on Spectrum (May 1977)
Keith Macdougall reads the national news (yes, really) followed by Simon Rose reading the campus news. The latter includes a list of members chosen for inclusion in LURG's Edinburgh team. (May 1977)
Marion Sumerfield and Jock Turner, interviewed by John Chadwick, discuss LURG's forthcoming Edinburgh debut (25/May 1977)


Keith Macdougall performs the "Football Report" sketch, introduced by Colin Webb. Without the actions, it's a bit like listening to mime on the radio. (8/Dec/1976)
The "Ginger Nuts" interview. Colin Webb interviews Keith Macdougall, Tim Stevens and Lawson Wakefield. (8/Dec/1976)
Keith Macdougall interviews the LURG football team following their spectacular win over defeat by URB. (16/Feb/1977)
Richard Russell and Liz Fowler perform a playwright interview sketch. (16/Feb/1977)
Bob Nettles interviews Tim Stevens and Marion Sumerfield. (11/May 1977)
Andy Duffy performs the Horse Racing quickie from Golden Mouldies. (May 1977)
Lawson Wakefield and Richard Russell perform the Invisible Man sketch, introduced by Keith Macdougall (3/Jun/1977)
Keith Macdougall interviews the three Revue Group "Vice Chancellors", Jeremy Irving, James Pringle and Chris Mapp. (3/Jun/1977)

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