Welcome to the Lancaster University Revue Group historical archive. LURG was a student comedy society, active between 1976 and 1991. The site is dedicated to collecting and preserving the wealth of memorabilia associated with the Group and to documenting the many productions it mounted.

Site Status

This site hosts a significant body of LURG related material. You will find original programmes, running orders, publicity material, reviews (good and bad!), plus facts about known performances. Also included are many performance and social photos, some previously unseen for several decades. Probably most significant, are the recordings of many early shows, along with a few rehearsals.

Participation and Contributions

Ex-members can actively participate in the site. Many pages include information contribution forms and registered members can comment on much of the site's content.

There are still many gaps to be filled, as detailed on the Wanted! and Unanswered Questions pages. Missing information, photos, memorabilia, documents or recordings are all welcome.

If you have information about LURG related events or news, pass it on, so it can be posted here.

Sketch Database

The site also includes a major sketch database. This documents many individual sketches from LURG's various productions. The database holds details of writers and performers, plus many original scripts and links to audio, where available. Contributions of missing information, scripts or running orders are all welcome.

In Memoriam

Very sorry to report the passing of Harriet Ryley (nee Constable) at Christmas 2019. Also, Ray Winter (15/Jan/2018) and Patrick Burton (12/Nov/2017). In Memoriam pages have been created for each of them.

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Nuns and Lovers memorabilia
Tim Stevens : Definitely a pre-loved item!

Nuns and Lovers memorabilia
Lawson : The Johnny Bloody Awful T shirt and …

Tim's Song (Lonsdale intro week, 1977)
Tim Stevens : No idea what I did here, but in a rowdy …

Lawson : I suspect that some sort of blame can …

Tim Stevens : Was Keith's choice (above) of the word …

Religious Advertising (When The Boot Goes In, 1977)
Tim Stevens : I seemed to slip seamlessly into this …

Can We Have Our Money Back facts
Tim Stevens : Looking back, I still never fail to …

Instrumental: Sundew (The Left Handed Screwdriver Show, 1976)
Tim Stevens : Listen out for another waggish individual …

Instrumental: Still Orchard Ground (Can We Have Our Money Back, 1976)
Tim Stevens : Some waggish individual apparently thought …

Rodrigo Borgia Invites reviews
Tim Stevens : I think it is worth pointing out that …

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Latest additions

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Macdougall Tape Archive

The vault doors of the legendary Macdougall audio archive have been unlocked. Among the moths and white £5 notes, newly rediscovered treasures include a When The Boot Goes In rehearsal from 1977 and several STS/URB apearances. The tapes have also yielded improved versions of material already on the site, such as Golden Mouldies and various URB/STS/rehearsal recordings.

Further details of the new and updated recordings can be found in the Jan/2020 section, on the Recent Additions page. Alternatively, go direct to the Shows, Rehearsals or Miscellaneous audio pages.

Return of the Scrapbooks !

Three of the Group's scrapbooks, from 1976/77 and the early 1980s have been rediscovered, providing a rich seam of new material for this site.

Read more on the new Scrapbooks page. Details of newly added photos, memorabilia, facts and articles can be found on the Recent Additions page.

The picture on the left shows the ceremonial handover, on 24/Aug/2018, attended by Tim, Linda and Lawson. The ceremony was declared quorate based on the presence of two presidents, one vice president and three producers.