Miscellaneous Memorabilia

Random memorabilia with no natural home elsewhere on the site, in roughly chronological order.

Membership card 1976/77
Gentle backstage advice from the SM (early shows circa 1976)
Annual Silly Awards (1977) - Voting form and a winner's certificate.
Part used LURG cheque book, late 1977. A/c probably closed due to Barclays boycott.
Mike Day's "Bert Lion" character was adopted as a LURG mascot in 1978.
Posters were produced to promote the "brand" (!) ...
Bouquets and brickbats - Annual Silly Awards certificates (1978).
Invitation to LURG's 3rd birthday celebration January 1979.
LURG made several appearances on STS in the late 70s.
Vinbofer restaurant promotional card. From end-of-year dinner, June 1979.
Annual Silly Awards (1979) certificate.
Kick The Squirrel summer 1982 tour itinerary.
Ticket for 25th anniversary reunion, 2001.