STS, the Student Television Service, began in the Michaelmas term of 1976. LURG were initially approached to provide presenters. However, since sketch comedy fitted well with the half-hour weekly broadcast format, LURG performed regularly on the service, including an appearance on the first show.

While no surviving video of the appearances has yet been recovered, a few audio clips are available. Some STS/LURG related memorabilia and photos also survive, reproduced at the bottom of this page.

Known LURG-related Appearances

3/Nov/76 5/Nov/76Bailrigg Bible, performed by Lawson Wakefield. The show was only transmitted in Bowland Lecture Theatre, with an audience made up mainly of those who made the programme and a few LURG hacks.
10/Nov/7612/Nov/76Cup Final Preview, performed by Keith Macdougall
17/Nov/7619/Nov/76Hooked on Books
17/Nov/7626/Nov/76Monty Python, performed by Richard Russell and Lawson Wakefield
17/Nov/76 3/Dec/76Footballer Interview, performed by Paul O'Garr and Lawson Wakefield. Three takes, of progressively diminishing quality. The broadcast version was said to look "pretty bad".
17/Nov/76Not broadcastNews-in-Stereo
8/Dec/7610/Dec/76Football Report, performed by Keith Macdougall. Also, Colin interviewed Lawson, Keith and Tim in what became known as the Ginger Nuts interview, thanks to a packet of ginger nut biscuits purchased from Spar, shortly before recording.
9/Feb/7711/Feb/77Clique Report, performed by Tim Stevens
16/Feb/7718/Feb/77Instabishop, performed by Keith Macdougall and Liz Fowler.
Theatre Review/Playwright Interview, performed by Richard Russell and Liz Fowler.
The LURG football team are interviewed following their spectacular defeat by URB.
16/Mar/7718/Mar/77Broad Sheep, performed by Lawson Wakefield.
The Archers, performed by Chris Mapp, Linda Pownall, Jock Turner, Hil Manley, Paul O'Garr, Andrew Duffy and Sally Bonvin. The sketch is later described as "pretty bad" (Lawson) and "diabolically bad" (Keith).
11/May/7713/May/77Bob Nettles interviews Marion Sumerfield and Tim Stevens, discussing Golden Mouldies and the upcoming Edinburgh Fringe debut.
May/77 May/77Andy Duffy performs the Horse Racing sketch. Exact date unconfirmed.
1/Jun/77 3/Jun/77Invisible Man, performed by Lawson Wakefield and Richard Russell. Died horribly, on transmission (a viewer was heard to mutter "terrible").
Keith interviews "Three Vice-Chancellors", James Pringle, Jeremy Irving and Chris Mapp.
24/Jun/77 Live End of term STS Queen Special. Keith chats with Steve Mayes (dressed as a punk), Joe Gaydecki, George Green, Rob Graham, Lawson Wakefield and Chris Mapp (several of the latter due to the last minute bottling of one Vince Jones). Tim Stevens fell off camera 3, live on air.
18/Nov/77 Live(?) Interview with Ray Winter and Lawson Wakefield, promoting Nuns and Lovers. Ray attired in a suit and bow-tie, Lawson in a ripped tee-shirt (as Johnny Bloody Awful, king of the punks). They were pelted with soft toys by Mary Kendall and Anna Gardner (why!?). Video tape still exists.
19/20/21/Jun/7927/Jun/79The Professor Reynolds Video Show. Not an official LURG production, but a TV "special" written and performed by various Group members. Unlike most previous appearances, nearly all of the material was specially written for the show. Performers included Keith, Mike, Linda, Sam and Berni. Lawson had a bit part as a judge in the World Falling Over Championships and got a couple of laughs on transmission.


Original, but incomplete, camera script for "Monty Python", a satire of the Travel Agent sketch.
(recorded 17/Nov/76)
The only known surviving STS tape with LURG related content.
For the time being, this is the nearest we'll get to "seeing" LURG on video.
(Note the almost inevitable "Review" misspelling ... sigh!)
Spine posters. The late 70s equivalent of an Electronic Programme Guide.
The Professor Reynolds Video Show, June 1979

The Bowland Tower quickies script, with the infamous direction:
"A dummy falls eleven floors down Bowland Tower on to the square"


Mick, John, Patrick and Mike appear on STS, circa 1979/1980.
Three photos from the STS studio, circa 1983.
From Mark Goodman, via Tim Stevens. Thanks also to Charles Augarde for confirming line up.
Nichola Baker, Charanjit Kang, Nicky Pellegrino, Pete Wylie, Maddie Hobern and Charles Augarde.

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