FUQ : Frequently Unanswered Questions

Researching LURG's history for this site has thrown up an assortment of unanswered questions. The separate Wanted! page lists a categorised summary of missing information/memorabilia. However, there are particulars details or topics of interest, which have so far resisted investigation. These are listed here, in roughly chronological order,

Can you answer any of these questions or provide more information? If so, simply press the large A beside the question.


The Can We Have Our Money Back running order lists an item called "Dixie" in the first half. Do you have any information about this? Was it a sketch or a song? Who wrote and/or performed it?

CWHOMB: Katie Boyle writer

Who wrote the "Katie Boyle" sketch for our first show, Can We Have Our Money Back ? The programme for CWHOMB did not include any writer credits.

CWHOMB review in Fulcrum

A contemporary document suggests there might have been a review of Can We Have Our Money Back in Fulcrum? Do you have a copy?


Volumes 1, 4 and 5 of the scrapbooks are missing, possibly lost forever. However, volume 1 was used as a prop in Ten, the 1986 reunion show. What happened, to it after that show? Do you know what happened to the other scrapbooks?

Boot writers

For some reason, the programme for When The Boot Goes In omitted to list the script writers. While most of the writers have now been identified, do you know the authors of the "When The Boot Goes In" and "Scandal" sketches?

URB reviews

Were any shows reviewed on URB, other than Can We Have Our Money Back, The Left Handed Screwdriver Show, When The Boot Goes In and Golden Mouldies ? If so, do you have a recording or transcript?

Spar Wars photos

The site currently has just two photos from Spar Wars, but surely there must be more ? The two existing photos originated from Jock's Ruby Revunion site. Jock thinks Tim submitted them, but Tim disagrees. So who did take them? If you are the elusive Spar Wars photographer, do you have any other pictures from that show?

Spar Wars Fulcrum review

Was Spar Wars reviewed in Fulcrum, possibly by Linda Rix? If so, do you have a copy of the review?

Lonsdale refectory RAG 1979 credits

During RAG week 1979, a relatively impromptu performance was mounted in Lonsdale Refectory. The list of credits on this site is incomplete, having been cobbled together from brief contemporary documents. Did you take part in that short performance or write any of the sketches?

Also, Linda's handwritten running order appears to list "Larry" as the seventh item. Unfortunately even Linda can't decipher it! Was this a solo spot by Larry Shulruff?

Kulturshok performers

The running order/cast list for the performance at the Kulturshok event in Cartmel college in June 1979, lists "Wendy" in "Roll in the Grass" and "Wendy Walker" in the "Healing" sketch. Are these both the same Wendy or is the former Wendy Byford?

Post 1979 one-off performances

In the late 1970s LURG put on various minor one-off performances between the main revues in the Chap Centre, Nuffield and Edinburgh Fringe. These were usually billed under the LURG name and organised on a fairly ad-hoc basis. These are classified on this site (e.g. on the Show Facts page) under the "Other" performance category.

Did the advent of Kick The Squirrel (KTS) mark the end of these less formal LURG performances? It seems most such performances were soaked up by the separate KTS project for the next few years.

Do you know of any minor LURG performances, not mounted under the KTS banner, from mid 1979 onwards? If so, date/venue information, copies of contemporary documents or photos would be most welcome.

Alternatively, do you have any information about KTS gigs, not listed on the Kick The Squirrel page ?

Edinburgh revues 1986-1990

LURG returned to the Edinburgh Fringe in 1986, after a gap of 8 years. Edinburgh performances in 1986 (Revue To A Kill), 1987 (Fine Lines Rough Sketches), 1989 (Socks and Violence) and 1990 (The Friends of Sheepy Sheep) have been confirmed. However, this begs a few questions:
  • What were the venue and performance dates for the 1986 Edinburgh run?
  • Who were the participants in the 1986 and 1987 shows?
  • How were the 86/87/89 revues received?
  • Remarkably, the 1990 show made a profit. What about the others?

End of the line

LURG's utlimate demise is currently shrouded in mystery, so do you know anything about the Group's terminal phase? Iota in 1991 appears to have been the last Nuffield revue. Can you throw any light on how, why or when LURG finally ran out of steam?