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ShowLancashire Hot Pot (1978)
Additional material
Performer(s)Linda Pownall, Lawson Wakefield
NotesOh Lord, what a mess! Originally, this was meant to be a stereotypical American husband and wife tourist pairing, showing off their holiday snaps, with Ray Winter cast as the former. The giant screen at the Classic Cinema offered the perfect vehicle for this. Photographs were taken featuring both Ray and Linda and slides developed. Its place in the running order also gave Tim a chance to change between World Cup and War & Peace. Ray's last minute no-show meant we couldn't simply recast, because he was in the photos! The existence of 3 or 4 different variants of the script among the production documents reflect the hurried struggle to salvage it. Much of it had to be changed to refer to "Mr. R" in the third person, which probably just baffled the audience (if they cared at all, this late in the show). The version presented here is from the lighting plot, which probably deviates least from how it was eventually performed. Just to pile on the misery, Lawson went down with a cold from the 3rd night onwards, gradually knackering his American accent.