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ShowCan We Have Our Money Back (1976)
SketchWinnie The Pooh
Writer(s)Lawson Wakefield
Additional materialGill Stellman
Performer(s)Richard Russell, Gill Stellman, Gill Simpson, Chris Mapp
NotesPooh occupies a potentially unique place in LURG history. After the 1st meeting on 28/Jan/1976, attendees went off in groups of 5, ostensibly to come up with ideas to contribute to a first production. One of those groups consisted of Katie Pearce, Gus Head, Jock Turner, Jane Brannan and Lawson Wakefield. Katie or Jane suggested a sketch about Pooh and Lawson wrote the first draft later the same day. As such this can claim to have been written on the first day of the group's existence. By 5/Feb, it had been revised as shown below, (Piglet's part being shorter and less unpleasant than the original). Gill Stellman subsequently composed the poem, spoken by Pooh, after the other characters have dashed off to the pub.