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ShowCan We Have Our Money Back (1976)
SketchScript Sketch
Writer(s)Keith MacDougall, Lawson Wakefield
Additional material
Performer(s)Keith MacDougall, Lawson Wakefield
NotesThis quickie was written at a rehearsal in County Lecture Theatre on 22/Feb/1976, when simultaneous page turning during the Bad Communicator sketch drew an unexpected laugh. While not apparent in the actual script, it is performed by two people who each turn a page in the script after every line (and after the completely blank page at "line" 13). Hence the two scripts were also the central props of the sketch. Both scripts, in each of Keith and Lawson's handwriting survive (minus the front page of Keith's - probably another scrapbook memorabilia victim). The sketch received a surprisingly good reception from the arguably poorer 2nd night Can We Have Our Money Back audience.