In Memoriam : Ray Winter

Ray made a big impact on the Group, during his one year of membership in 1977/78. He appeared in Nuns and Lovers (1977) and Spar Wars (1978). He was also one of the assistant producers on the former and contributed material to both. Ray was due to perform in LURG's 1978 Edinburgh Fringe show, Lancashire Hot Pot, but had to withdraw at the last moment due to illness.

Ray's family have suggested Diabetes UK as a suitable charity, for anyone wishing to make a donation in Ray's memory.

(left) Sergeant Major in UGM Mobilization sketch (Spar Wars 1978)
(right) Flattened by Mike Day (Lancashire Hot Pot slides, 1978)

Tributes and Recollections

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Keith Macdougall

If ever there was a happy and cheerful bloke it was Ray Winter. Whenever we met on campus it would only be a matter of moments before his face broke out into a large grin and he would come out with some joke or make a truly dreadful pun. I remember Ray as a tall, strong chap, smiling frequently, optimistic in nature - with something of the soldier about him. Ray was also a very able and efficient assistant when I was attempting to make the union election count run smoothly (!) in the university senate room in 1978. It's really really sad news to hear of his early passing.


Both on and off stage, Ray was a natural comedian. He helped me script-edit Spar Wars and could always be relied on for a gag or a punchline Losing him on the eve of the Edinburgh run was a bit like losing your centre forward on the morning of the Cup Final. The last email I received from Ray, just after the LURG site was announced, was typical:

"I have just made myself look like a complete idiot....(not for the first time), laughing inanely with my headphones on whilst people passing the office door have been pointing at me and asking where we keep the straitjackets. I have been transported back to the 70's, to the days when I had hair, ambition and a full compliment of toes, but, according to some of the recordings I've listened to, no dignity or self respect whatsoever."

When we learned of Ray's untimely passing, Linda reminded me of the events of the Nuns and Lovers after-show party. I had been keen to forget a frustrating production experience and enjoy the night. By the early hours I was somewhat "tired and emotional". Linda was trying to guide me back to my room, with only limited success. For reasons which escape us, Ray helpfully (!) offered to knock me out. Thankfully for me, Linda declined Ray's kind offer. However, this was less good news for Tim, as Ray returned to the party to demonstrate how he WOULD have dealt with me. Tim was on the wrong end of Ray's playful demonstration, ending up in the Medical Centre. Or so I'm told ...

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