In Memoriam : Geoff Brown

Geoff both wrote for and appeared in the first LURG show, Can We Have Our Money Back. His performance as Victor Adereth in the UGM sketch, which he also wrote, was the stuff of legend. He returned to reprise the role in Ten, the 10th anniversary show in 1986.

(Left) UGM sketch 1976    (Right) 1986 reunion

Tributes and Recollections

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On paper, Geoff's contribution to LURG looks slight. He only appeared in the first show, writing and performing in just two sketches. However, that contribution far outweighed mere statistics. As a disparate group of newbies, just six weeks separated the inaugral meeting and the first show, staged in the "challenging" environment of the Chaplaincy Centre concourse. It wasn't really surprising that the end product prompted mixed reactions. When it comes to weighing up the good and the bad of Can We Have Our Money Back, Geoff's University Interview and UGM sketches scored massively in the positive column, thanks to the quality of his writing and performance. This helped provide the impetus for the group to make it as far as a second show and beyond. It also taught us the importance of the well written "campus sketch".

In the UGM sketch, I had the pleasure of playing the gun-toting "second thug", flanking Geoff's insane characterisation of then Union president, Victor Adereth. Mine was an easy part, since it just involved looking mean while Geoff stole the show.

Geoff wasn't involved in our next production, The Left Handed Screwdriver Show, but wrote a generous review for Scan, noting that "Brian Smith's voice and Lawson Wakefield's face also surely deserve a mention". I THINK the latter was meant as a compliment.

Later, in Golden Mouldies, I had the opportunity to fill Geoff's shoes, in our reprise of the University Interview sketch. The best I could offer was a pale impersonation. His gruff portrayal of an irascible academic in the original was hard to top.

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