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Topic: Minor/one-off performances in the 80s/90s

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In the late 70s LURG put on various minor one-off performances between the main revues in the Chap Centre, Nuffield and Edinburgh Fringe. These were usually billed under the LURG name and organised on a fairly ad-hoc basis. These are classified on this site (e.g. on the Show Facts page) under the Other performance category.

Did the advent of Kick The Squirrel (KTS) mark the end these less formal LURG performances? It seems most such performances were soaked up by the separate KTS project for the next few years, which is outside the scope of this site.

Does anyone know of any minor LURG performances, not mounted under the KTS banner, from mid 1979 onwards? If so, date/venue, copies of contemporary documents or photos would be gratefully received.